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Best Ways to Refuel After Intense Exercise

So you may not be an Olympian or have medals to show for your daily workouts but you should be sure to refuel the right way after exercising. There are tons of tips out there on getting the perfect workout but your post-workout routine can actually change the way you feel and perform during exercise.

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Save Money on Home Renovation Costs

Owning a home can be a positive and rewarding experience, but it can also create a continuous leak in your bank account. Take renovations, for example. You’ll get the job done for a lot less with the same design impact if you use these tips.

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How To Accept Credit Card Payments for Small Business

If you’re one of the many small business owners who do not accept credit cards because of high merchant service fees or for whatever reason, lost sales has very likely become a daily or weekly bummer. But you don’t have to suffer those losses any more, not when these mobile payment options are available.

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Business Travel Accommodation: 3 Surprising Ways to Save

Since the recession many executive travellers in both the private and public sectors have been downgrading to save money. It’s the norm to look for executive suites or corporate apartments, but they’re not necessarily the best option if you’re looking to save on business travel accommodation.

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Cleaning Smelly Sandals: Cure Spring and Summer Shoe Odour

With the warmer weather, you’ve simply got to take the good with the bad. Like wearing light, open-toe shoes that let your feet breathe, but which unfortunately often fall victim to bad odours. We’ve found a smelly sandals cure that will help to keep your sandals and feet fresh in the months to come.

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Getting Rid of Cystic Acne

This seven-step plan for getting rid of cystic acne is backed by recommendations from dermatologists, naturopathic doctors, scientific research and my personal acne battle. You’ll discover affordable, effective acne products and simple home remedies that can clear up your skin fast and finally end your frustration and disappointment.

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Where to Buy Henna Tattoo Kits

I have to admit I love the look of henna tattoos, which have long been popular in parts of Africa and Asia and continue to be all the rage in the 21st century. However, since the recession began I’ve been absolutely miserly with my pennies and didn’t want to shell out the money for a henna tattoo artist. So I started trying to find out where to buy henna tattoo kits, and here’s what I’ve found.

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Online Bartering Made Easy

Online bartering can save you money on items ranging from clothing to electronics. Still, you might think it’s not worth it as some bartering sites make it such a hassle; but not this site that’s revolutionizing bartering on the Internet.

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Nose Job Gone Bad? There’s a Fix

A nose job gone bad can leave you bitterly disappointed and even suffering from depression. Revision rhinoplasty can fix a poor nose job, but if there’s one thing you know by now; you’d better choose the second surgeon better than you did the first. An LA revision rhinoplasty specialist offers some insight.

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Declining a Job Offer

Feeling pressured to accept that job? To avoid acting in haste and repenting in the long run, keep these red flags in mind to help make up your mind on declining a job offer.

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Multiple Bank Accounts at Different Banks: The Benefits

According to a new study, my paranoia and penny-pinching ways that led me to have multiple bank accounts at different banks is paying off. If you’ve been worried about doing it yourself, discover why bank loyalty doesn’t pay and why it’s well worth the effort to spread your money around.

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FreeStyle InsuLinx Blood Glucose Monitoring System Now In Canada

The FreeStyle InsuLinx Blood Glucose Monitoring System is now available in Canada. It comes with features that will help to make it easier for you to control mealtime insulin and better control your diabetes, and word is, help your healthcare professional be more confident in prescribing your treatment.