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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

8 June 2011 3 Comments

Compiled by Pepperpot Editorial Staff
With beach season in full swing, you may be dying to know how to lose belly fat fast. Well, the word is out from Hollywood that Tony Little-style workouts and exotic diets aren’t the only way today’s stars have managed to stay buff and beautiful. An exclusive group of stars take a special dietary supplement, Dr. Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer, to get their abs ripped and ready for the camera.

By taking just a few gel caps of Dr. Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer each day, celebrities and other dieters get their stomachs to stay flat and lean with almost no other efforts. So what is the big secret ingredient that helps people lose abdominal fat fast with this product? It’s down to conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA.

“You can think of CLA as a match that lights the fuse for burning abdominal fat,” said Chip Klingaman, executive director of Endless Youth and Life, the company that has acquired marketing and distribution rights to the product created by the late, renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Ryan.

“CLA also increases your metabolic rate, which can lead to even more fat loss. Technically, CLA works in three ways: First, it lowers fat mass by decreasing the amount of abdominal fat stored after eating. Secondly, CLA increases the rate of breakdown in abdominal fat cells. And finally, CLA increases the rate of abdominal fat metabolism,” Klingaman said.

While you may want to know how to lose belly fat fast for purely aesthetic reasons, there are also a host of important health reasons as to why this aspect of fitness really pays off. “Abdominal fat is the most stubborn fat of all to reduce — and it is also the most hazardous to your health,” said Klingaman. “Abdominal fat also produces destructive hormones that spread throughout the body.

In short, once you figure out how to lose belly fat fast, you will give yourself a serious overall health boost as well. The most incredible feature of Dr. Ryan’s CLA formula is that it’s supposed to reduce stomach fat without changing your diet or physical activity in any way. If you’ve heard that kind of claim before, you might want to pay attention this time.

Proof Dr. Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer Can Help You Lose Belly Fat Fast
“To help validate the results of Dr. Ryan’s CLA product, we commissioned a double-blind clinical study by Advanced Supplement Research, a well-known firm with more than 32 board-certified physician investigators and more than 38 ACRP certified clinical research coordinators,” said Klingaman. “This group conducts clinical services for the major drug companies.

In almost every case, test subjects in the study lost significant weight and reduced abdominal size without changing their diet or physical activity. People who were not exercising or dieting lost weight — as well as those who were exercising and dieting. It was incredible.” If Dr. Frank Ryan’s formula is good enough for Hollywood’s A-List, it just might be the answer you’re looking for on how to lose belly fat fast.

Note: While this product may help you lose belly fat fast without exercising, keep in mind that exercise provides myriad benefits this product cannot, such as improved cardiovascular health, stronger muscles, bones and joints and reduced stress. Try to be active at least 30 minutes a day, even if it’s just walking your dog. Also, a nutritious diet reduces your risk of serious illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

For more information on CLA and Dr. Frank Ryan’s “Abdominal Fat Reducer of the Stars,” visit www.endlessyouthandlife.com.

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Endless Youth and Life

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